Jeremy Beck is a US Navy veteran, defense contractor, and head of Liberty Compass News and the Liberty Compass Blog. He has no fancy credentials or degrees.  Jeremy is just one guy with the goal of promoting the ideas of liberty, free markets, peace, and prosperity by shedding a little more light on the oppression of the state and the wonderful work being done to educate and call to action those of us who have been content with the ever-worsening status quo.

During his teens and early twenties, Jeremy became disillusioned with seemingly illogical US foreign policy around the time of  the first Gulf War.  In time, he came to reject the Washington rhetoric and search for alternative explanations for US actions abroad.  In the case of the Gulf War, the simplest explanation seemed to be that the US interest in the Middle East had its roots in protecting the petrodollar arrangement with OPEC.  In short, this arrangement cements the dollar’s place as the world reserve currency which, in turn, dilutes the value of sovereign debt owed by the US.

The connection between foreign policy and economic affairs fanned the flame of curiosity as to what the proper direction of those policies should be.  Enter Ron Paul.  Here was a voice that was both knowledgeable and morally beyond reproach.  Dr. Paul was, and continues to be, a tireless proponent for the Austrian School of economics, liberty, and personal freedom.  The libertarian body of thought seemed to be the missing piece of the puzzle and the answer to the question “What is the proper direction for these policies?”.  For Jeremy, liberty has proven to be the bedrock upon which rests all other things.  Foreign and domestic policy began to seem tangential by comparison.

Being unable to reconcile his position as a defense contractor with his values and beliefs, Jeremy launched Liberty Compass.  The launch signified a desire to make amends for being a cog in the machine that is the military industrial complex. His goal is to build a new career with liberty as its bedrock.

Jeremy has no relation to the composer nor the actor by the same name.