Email Bitcoin as an Attachment


While browsing /r/Bitcoin today, I saw a post describing a new service available at that sounds like quite a cool concept.  The site allows users to create “money packets”. From the original post on Reddit:

A money packet is file on your computer which contains bitcoins, like a digital envelope. They can be shared over email or Dropbox or backed up to a hard drive, just like any other file.

Out of curiosity, I sent a family member a money packet as an email attachment encrypted with GPG.  We’ll see what happens.


The transaction was a success.  This is a neat idea.  Its kind of like a Bitcoin check.  The recipient can cash it at their leisure and the sender can perform the equivalent of a stop-payment by reclaiming the funds at any point up until the recipient redeems them.  The site is still in its infancy and has definite need for some security upgrades but I’m going to be keeping my eye on it.